Adding Z-Ordering to PathListBoxItemTransformer

Aug 18, 2010 at 12:20 AM

So the effect I'm looking to add to PathListBoxItemTransformer is something having to do with Z-Order. I have a standard ellipse style carousel with an image that overlaps. I want to make the items at the top of the ellipse appear to be behind the image, while the items at the bottom of the ellipse appear in front of the image.

1) is this even possible? Do the items share the same root Z-Order as the layout path or are they mostly independent of it?

2) Assuming the answer to the first is in my favor, it looks like the UpdateTransform function is private instead of protected or internal. Will I need to copy the source code to my machine and make modifications directly or does anyone have any suggestions of how to subclass?

3) Will I have to fake it with two arcs bound to the pathlistbox, with the upper one having a lower Z?


Thanks for the ideas.-- Matt