Left / Right Arrow Key Navigation for PathListBox

Aug 25, 2011 at 3:40 PM

Hello there!

Since some PathListBox experts might be around here  I'll decided to post my issue with the PathListBox.

We've implemented a carousel using the pathlistbox. Unfortunately item scrolling listens to keyDown events fo the up & down arrow keys. What absolutely makes no sense for navigating the carousel. We need to override the event handling so that left and right arrow keys can be used for navigation. Left and Right Button navigation is is what we actually already implmented but the keyDown events for up & down arrow are still handled and produce unwanted scrolling of the PathListBox. As the PathListBox is a sealed class we cannot override the handlers. Is there any chance to make the pathlistbox not to scroll items when up & down arrow button are pressed.

If not is there any alternative solution or way to get the source code?

Many thanks in advance,