Is there a reason why lbugnion's binding to command fix has not been incorporated?

Mar 11, 2010 at 7:30 PM

The current Blend Samples do not incorporate lbugnion's command binding fix mentioned here:

Seems like he's done this right.  Any reason why this has not been incorporated into the current build?

Also the WPFToolkit reference appears to have been from and older version of Blend.  I suggest that in future, samples such as these get refreshed against the released product, rather than leaving things built against a Beta!  Or at least make it clear that the build was against a Beta build so developers choosing to use these elements can apply the needed corrections.  There are some nice items here, the use of which is only limited by minor adjustments to the current build.

Lastly, I think all Microsoft teams should adopt the strategy of the WPFToolkit group where you build against the current cool betas, but also maintain a release trunk for the rest of us that have to deliver real products to real customers.  Forging ahead within Microsoft is great!  Just keep a stable build track in place while internal teams shift to newer build tools.  Give us a year to make the switch to new compiler tools.  That means keeping some of the old bits current.  After that it's fair to force a change if needed.