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Blend 4 Sketch Mockups Library

This is the source code for the Mockups control library that is showcased in the MockupDemonstration sample inside Blend 4. The VS2010 solution is capable of building the Silverlight or WPF based control libraries that can be used in Silverlight or WPF SketchFlow prototypes. The Mockups control library demonstrates a variety of design time features including custom property editors, alternate content presenters for improved artboard editing experiences, toolbox examples for instantiating controls with different initial values and design time metadata.

This is the source code for the control library. The compiled control libraries for both Silverlight and WPF are available within the Blend 4 installation. Step by step instructions for reusing the libraries can be found here: This source code is provided for individuals who wish to dive deeper into how the control libraries were created.

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